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In SOFGEN we apply the scientific knowledge of our human talent for practical purposes, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. We are permanently developing value through solutions that meet new needs, or old needs, but in new ways. This is accomplished through more effective processes, equipment and technologies that are readily available to your company if you are open to the use of a better delivery platform for your products.

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A unique oral dosage form that allows having tablets, capsules, granules or pellets into one single soft capsule.


  • Accurate placement of multiple delivery forms that makes it possible to manufacture pulsatile release formulations.
  • Handy for insoluble actives, which cannot be mixed in a single formula.
  • A new patented technology for combining multiple delivery systems in a single dosage.
  • Technology for combining multiple time release in a single dosage.
  • Fast and sustained release in a single dose and Gastric or intestinal release in the same dosage.

Unigel™ is the only patented technique available for fixed dose combinations which incorporates the benefit of the soft gelatin capsule dosage form.




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Patented technology for tablets enrobed with a one or two-toned color gelatin, printed or non-printed.


  1. Unpleasant flavor and odor masking
  2. Easiness of swallowing
  3. For APIs that can irritate the esophageal mucosa when they are incorporated in an immediate release tablet
  4. Ideal for double blind clinical studies
  5. Ideal for improving stability of photosensitive APIs
  6. Counterfeiting prevention  
  7. Custom branding

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Non-animal based shell using patented polysaccharides substitution of gelatin. It is a mixture of vegetable origin, composed of Carrageenan, starch and plasticizers


  • The technology can be applied in traditional Softgels, G-Tabs, and Unigels.
  • High Gel melting point and sealing temperature optimums for semi-solid fills for modified release (up to 70°C)
  • Improved stability
  • Conversion from hard-shell capsules
  • New formulations avoid cross- linking
  • Compatibility with high pH fill formulations, and a broader range of fill excipients

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Soft Capsules
A soft gel capsule is a one piece, hermetically sealed soft gelatin shell containing a liquid, a suspension or a semisolid; referred to as a fill.


  • Sealed tightly in automatic manner.
  • Easy to swallow.
  • Allow product identification, using colours and several shapes.
  • Allow uniformity, precision and accuracy between dosages.
  • Safe against adulteration.
  • Better stability than other oral delivery systems.
  • Good availability and rapid absorption.
  • Rely on preference of the consumer, due to their security, appearance and functionality.
  • Offer protection against contamination, light and oxidation.
  • Unpleasant flavours are avoided due to content encapsulation.
  • Elegant, and attractive as a finished product
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